Topic Natural and Safe Ways to Relieve Pain

  • Tue 19th Dec 2017 - 5:32am


    Ice has been used by many people for several centuries now Debloquez Vos Flechisseurs De La Hanche Revue as a numbing agent and can help to reduce inflammation. The cold from the ice numbs sensation and feeling in the nerves and injured area. While it's only temporary as you can only block the painful feeling so long before risking more damage, many people will alternate it, removing it as it gets to cold and letting the area warm a little before reapplying it, thus extending the time you leave it on.

    Many people find that it can be a perfect remedy for bruises, bumps and other minor injuries. You can also use packaged frozen foods if you run out of ice.

    Oatmeal Salve

    It can be very tiresome for people who suffer from joint pains, tendinitis or arthritis to take medicine daily to reduce the pain. Some folks use an oatmeal salve to help massage the painful area and get relief.

    What you do is add two cups of oats to one cup of water, then microwave the mixture until warm. Scoop some from this mixture then rub it on affected areas in small, circular motions. The warmth coming from the oatmeal salve will be retained as you apply it to your aching joints.


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