TopicWant to Know How to Deal With ADHD Anger in Children? Most Effective Tip to Manage ADHD Anger in Kid

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 12:23pm

    Set Goals:

    Think of what needs to be done. Make a list of high priority, medium priority, and low priority ProtoGen  goals. Make a mental note of what the highest priority goals are and periodically remind yourself of what your priorities were for the day.

    Habit #2:

    Establish a Daily Routine.

    A routine makes it easier for those of us with ADHD to stay on time and to use our time wisely. Make it a daily habit to wake up early, visualize your goals and how they will be accomplished, make your bed, take 5 minutes and pick up the house clutter, have Breakfast, take your vitamins, write a to-do list.

    Habit #3:

    Focus your 'mind talk' on productivity.

    Those of us with ADHD need to harness our 'mind talk' so that it is focused on productivity. Am I on task? Did I get side tracked? What is my next task? How should I tackle it? Am I being efficient? Can I accomplish this faster by doing it differently? Good work on that small task! Am I remembering the big picture? Don't forget to set the timer. I need to write down that errand I just remembered.


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