TopicForex Trading - 10 Myths That Will See You Lose

  • Wed 21st Mar 2018 - 9:29am

    But it wasn't just the hurricanes that did it. The  CryptoTradia announcement coincided with the end of the summer season for drivers, which also dragged down the price of oil. The price of oil over this time fell off the table, going from an August 7th high of $77 a barrel to $58 a barrel in October. It doesn't take long for this drop in prices to be felt at the pump.This seismic shift in oil and gas prices over such a short amount of time left many investors in deep financial trouble. At least one mutual fund that was invested heavily in oil and gas futures went belly up due to this dramatic drop in prices. At the same time, there were other funds that did quite well despite the portfolio-ruining drop in oil prices. As they say in sports, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.While it may be naive to think that global politics never plays a part in the world's commodity markets, it is unlikely that the sole reason for the massive and speedy drop in oil prices was due to upcoming elections. The number of variables that play on the world's stocks, bonds and commodities is too vast in number to be influenced completely on one country's elections.

    The preceding is the fifth and final article in a series of articles based on the New York Stock Exchange. Many people ask why a company that assists individuals in obtaining unsecured lines of business credit would put out articles of this type. The simple answer to this is because many clients use a portion of their lines (or the profits their lines create) to dabble or invest in the stock market. We feel if this is what a client will be doing, we want them to be as fully prepared as possible.In our modern world of luxury and ease, some financial speculators are finding it advantageous to do FOREX trading the easy way: through automated FOREX trading systems.

  • Fri 23rd Mar 2018 - 9:50am

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