TopicThe Cheapskate's Guide to Horse Racing Handicapping Profit

  • Thu 22nd Mar 2018 - 11:37am

    Cheltenham betting opens a huge market for bookmakers Flat Profits to speak to potential new customers. For example, free bets and specials. Free bets will form a large part of bookmaker's approach to the Cheltenham festival, because they effectively allow customers to play with the cash of a bookmaker as opposed to their own. This makes them attractive to customers, and an important tool in bringing in new business for the bookmaker. These promotions can often be used as a "loss leader" by the bookmakers, as they know that punters will often continue to bet with them in the future.Special Cheltenham betting offers are centred more around individual races and high profile jockeys and horses that are due to take part in the festival this year. Specials could include the number of wins a jockey will have at the festival. These kind of betting markets can offer potentially big wins for customers, with extremely good odds available. Using a Cheltenham free bet on such a market is recommended, since doing so offers the potential of a big win, with zero risk.

    other horse, it's about time for some serious lesson. Not all horses are alike, and not all horses are in optimum condition all the time. Like humans, they also get sick. If you don't know how to ascertain the condition of a horse, it's about time that you learn. Spotting what the problems are before they get worse will not only save you a lot of expenses in the long run, it will also protect the life of your equine. Any horse is a huge investment and if you want to spend a longer time with your horse or want to see it win at the races for a longer time, you should learn to spot the signs of sickness or injury in your equine.In case you notice a wound pulsing blood, any unusual swelling or lumps that have suddenly grown out of nowhere, give your vet a call. Seizures, any unusual behavior such as shivering, unstable stance and a sudden drop in energy levels that signal much lethargy and depression also warrant a veterinarian's look-see.

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