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    I can recommend a number of exercises which will help you Miracle Moringa burn the fat off your waistline. These exercises include specific ones targeting the abdomen and waist as well as exercises that give your entire body a workout and yet help you lose the waist bulge.Specific exercises that I recommend and which should be done after instruction from a qualified instructor, include doing side bends. These target the side bulges and help you burn the fat from these areas. Side bends are very beneficial as they place direct stress on the external oblique muscles. This forces them to tone up and shape up. Side bends can be done at home whenever you have some time and don't need you to go anywhere fancy.Another specific exercise which targets the fat on the waist is torso twists. Doing these twists helps tone the transverse abdomen muscles which actually tighten the love handles on your waist. Again, this can be done at home without the need of fancy gear and equipment. The only thing to be careful about is not to overdo it or twist too far or you will pull a muscle.

    Apart from specific exercises, general cardio and aerobic exercises are very useful when you want to burn the fat off your waistline. These exercises can include everything from walking to cycling and hiking for several hours. Adding simple motions of bounding, jumping and skipping to your walking, or trying interval training can do wonders for you when burning fat off your waistline.Breastfeeding can be an integral part of the formula for a new mother to lose weight after pregnancy. The very act of nursing can burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories per day. Although a nursing mother should increase her daily caloric intake by an average of 500 calories, the biological process of lactation speeds the loss of baby fat. The other factors in the equation include: whole foods and exercise.

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